Many times when teachers are “fighting” his or her termination from a school district, a resolution may be had with the district to allow for a resignation. However, unless the underlying alleged reason for the termination is resolved (and such reason may constitute unprofessional conduct or evident unfitness to teach), then it is likely that the school district will notify the State Board of Education. The Board in turn will review the circumstances surrounding the allegations that led to the termination in the first place. If the Board determines that the teacher was in fact guilty of unprofessional conduct or unfit to teach (as outlined in S.C. Code Ann. Section 59-25-160), then the Board has the authority to revoke or suspend the teacher’s certificate.

Thus, when a teacher is faced with termination by his or her school district, that teacher must take all steps to resolve the allegations being made at the district level. If such cannot be resolved, then the teacher’s livelihood becomes threatened.

Once the district makes a report to the State Board, the Board will notify the teacher of the report and of that teacher’s rights with respect to the report. Ultimately if the Board is seeking revocation or suspension of the teacher’s license, the teacher is entitled to a hearing where he or she may present relevant testimony and evidence and may have legal representation at the Board hearing. As such, a teacher should take every opportunity to present his or her “case” to the Board.

Hopefully, most teachers will never be faced with these circumstances, but for those who are, they should take immediate action so that their livelihood is not taken way from them and their family.

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