Family Law

Arnold Law Firm is well equipped to handle any family law matters that you may face. The break up of a marriage (divorce), seeking child custody/visitation, and/or seeking financial support for you and your child, are emotional endeavors. You need someone who will be honest with you about the process and your chances of success. You also need someone who will fight for you and not rest until everything that can be done on your behalf is done.

Brian has represented husbands, wives, fathers and mothers in a variety of legal matters, including the following areas:

However, the Firm does not take every case that walks through the door. Folks often complain about attorneys who they do not see until the day of a hearing or who will not return their calls. Brian and Kelly take only those cases that they can devote all the necessary time and effort to give the clients the best opportunity for success.

If you have any questions regarding Family Law issues, please feel free to contact Arnold Law Firm by email or by phone at 864.242.2427 for a confidential consultation. When you leave Arnold Law Firm, you will know your rights and legal options.